Water Block

Water Block

Water Block
Part #: WB

Water Block Reset
Part #: WBRD


The Water Block valve is an overflow safety device, which controls the maximum continuous flow of water between 1.3 and 13.2 gallons. Its function is to measure the number of gallons of water that have passed through it. If this quantity exceeds the set value, the Water Block stops the flow and keeps this safety condition until user intervention. If the water volume does not exceed the set value, the Water Block mechanically and automatically resets the measured volume and the Water block is ready to restart a new measurement cycle. The Water Block does not require power, simply water flowing through it.

Technical Features

  • Burst Pressure:
  • Max. Static Pressure:
  • Min. Flow Rate:
  • Max. Water Temperature:
  • Inlet:
  • Outlet:
  • Rated Life Span:
  • 725 PSI
  • 145 PSI
  • .5 GPM
  • 158ºF
  • 3/4” MGH
  • 3/4” FGH
  • Approx. 80,000 GAL
Typical Installation
Typical Installation
Adjustment Dial
Water Block Adjustment Dial
Water Block Reset
Water Block Reset

Water Block Slideshow

How to Install Water Block

Information about Water Block™ then 3 typical installation scenarios each beginning at the following locations in the video:

1. Installation Directly from Water Supply - 1:54
2. Installation Using a MAX Adapter or T from Water Supply with Shut-off Valve - 2:34
3. Installation mounted away from the Water Supply with a Shut-off Valve - 4:04


Pre Installation Testing

Water Block Operating



Water Block to be Installed in Vertical Position Only.

Manufactured by
Manufactured by Eltek

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